For these straightened times.

Tallis Spem in Alium sung by Stile Antico

Recorder consort music downloads

Backing tracks for recorder players

i Fagiolini’s Sing The Score (+Extra).  Robert Hollingworth and his group have made ‘sing along’ videos: and

Peter Holman has an online concert at  

Play along (with) MIDI Files for Viola da Gambas & Recorders:

Or with the Chelys Consort (viols):

Cappella Nova Outreach in association with Strathclyde University’s Centre for Lifelong Learning:

Clare College choir video:

Ex Cathedra have made recordings, e.g. sing-alongs for young children, see

A Web page of on-line events is being maintained by SWEMF at ,

by EEMF at

and by BMEMF at

An Alison Kinder lecture-recital on the music of Tobias Hume is at;

she has many other videos via .

The Sixteen have online performances and talks at and What’s On – The Sixteen (A Choral Odyssey sequence).

There are backing tracks for a variety of early music instrumental works at .  A few tracks are free.

David Hatcher has consort music minus one part – for you to fill in! – see 

The City Musick also have recordings minus one part – see – but you do have to pay.

Unlock your Singing with Jennie Cassidy at

PlayScore 2, currently for IPhone/iPad only ( ) allows you to take a photo of your music and it will play it, or you can import a PDF to play. It allows you to play at any speed you like, and you can set the instruments and transpose.  It also exports MIDI if you want.

Some on-line lessons are being offered by

Alison Kinder, viols,

Oonagh Lee, historical oboes and recorders,

Richard MacKenzie, lutes and guitars,

Regular Events

The Telling Wednesday evenings, Fridays 11am:

David Allinson Lunchtime Live, Fridays at 1pm:

Online Early Music Forum, three times per week; make harmony over the Web via Jamulus:

Wednesdays 1pm.  Ensemble Hesperi.  Lunchtime baroque concerts.

Trouvere Medieval Minstrels.  Wednesday evenings 7pm on their Facebook page

SingTheScore Friday at 6pm but available afterwards

Fridays 29 Jan to 5 March, 7pm.  6 Platinum Consort workshops, also available on demand afterwards.  Bach: Jesu meine Freude at A=415.

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