Other events


NB. listing is no guarantee that the workshop or concert will take place.  Please check before committing.

NWEMF Workshops


20 Elizabeth Dodd; Sinking under a sink-a-pace – can we dance to Dowland?


17 10am.  John Bryan presentation on Josquin.


8 Deborah Catterall: A Deep Dive Into the Musical Mysticism of Hildegard von Bingen 1098 – 1179.  

Non-NWEMF Workshops.

Please send information to: jmh@noc.ac.uk . I actively research our own & the workshops of our contiguous EMFs (BMEMF, EMFScotland, MEMF, NEEMF), Benslow, Jackdaws, Lacock, Rondo & West Dean.  Summer Schools & other workshops will only be included in the Contacts section, unless I am sent specific information by members or the organisers.


1-2 Benslow.  Springtime Recorders; via Zoom with Alyson Lewin and Caroline Jones.

1-3 Benslow.  Sing Along and Explore Handel’s Messiah; via Zoom with Joseph Fort.

2 SEMF 7.30.  Alison Kinder How to read or play from late 16th C facsimile 2 

3 Early Music @ Newcastle.  Music in the North East in the 17th and 18th centuries.  Kirsten Gibson & Stephanie Carter: Recreational music-making in Newcastle, 1650-1750; Roz Southey: Thomas Bewick and his connections with local musicians.  www.ncl.ac.uk/events/live-music 

4 TVEMF.  David Allinson.  Surrexit pastor bonus – motets of hope and resurrection by L’Héritier, Victoria and others.

5 Platinum Consort, 7pm.  Jesu meine Freude at 415 https://www.platinumconsort.com/jmf.html 

5-7 Benslow.  Consort Singing and Original Sources: The Iberian Golden Age with Rory McCleery, Edmund Saddington, Lucy Cox CANCELLED

6 SWEMF 2.30pm. Talk by David Allinson:  Old favourites revisited.

6 2.30 Rachel Harris violin masterclass – baroque repertoire for solo violin.  https://www.brookstreetband.co.uk/brook-street-band-home/ 

6 MEMF 7pm Philip Thorby.  The interweaving lives of Ganassi, Willaert, Pietro Bembo, the Aldine press etc, and the Venice they shared with the ghost of Petrarch 3.  https://form.jotform.com/210494121949356 

10 Early Music @ Newcastle. Organ tuning and culture.  Tuning the King’s Hall organ with Jonathan Thorne;  Andrew Cantrill-Fenwick: In a place of honour, organ culture in revolutionary France. www.ncl.ac.uk/events/live-music

11 BMEMF.  Online workshop: dances from Arbeau’s Orchesographie and Holborne art music dances; for instrumentalists with Lizzie Gutteridge.  7.30pm

11/12-14  Benslow.  LuteFest (3/2 night options)  with Fred Jacobs, Bor Zuljan, Lynda Sayce, Roy Marks, Sara Stowe CANCELLED

12-14.  West Dean.  Recorder consort weekend with Helen Hooker.  POSTPONED to July.

13 MEMF. 11am Robert Hollingworth – SingTheScore Extra

13 NEEMF. 2pm George Kennaway, It’s baroque, but not as we know it: C19th editions of baroque string music.  £6 minimum, or more to show support for George and other musicians via Help Musicians Coronavirus Hardship Fund.  Book online via https://www.cognitoforms.com/NEEMF2/ApplicationForZoomWorkshopOrTalk 

13 4-5.45.  Masterclass with Lisete da Silva Bull – an introduction to French baroque repertoire.  Webinar Registration – Zoom

16 BMEMF 7.30 pm online; David Allinson Compare and Contrast.  For singers; settings of Psalm 42 by Cardoso and Taverner.

19-21 Medieval Music in the Dales, Online.  https://www.medievalmusicinthedales.co.uk/

19-24 Easter Recorder Course Online.  jan.epps57@gmail.com,  https://www.recordersforall.org.uk/ 

20 EEMF 7pm Philip Thorby.  The interweaving lives of Ganassi, Willaert, Pietro Bembo, the Aldine press etc, and the Venice they shared with the ghost of Petrarch 4

21-26 Lacock.  Corsham Lamentations with Rory McCleery. POSTPONED to March 2022. 

24 Early Music @ Newcastle.  11.00am; Vocal music 3.  Magnus Williamson: Fayrfax@500;  Eric Cross: Bach and British – 100 years of performances by the Newcastle upon Tyne Bach Choir. www.ncl.ac.uk/events/live-music.  

24 Early Music @ Newcastle. 4.00pm; Terence Charlston: When is a musical source indicative of performance? A performer’s view of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier II.  www.ncl.ac.uk/events/live-music

25 MEMF.  7.30; Renaissance Classics for Instrumentalists (singers welcome, but may not always have words)

26-28 Rondo Viol Academy.  Intermediate and Upper Intermediate, CANCELLED

27 Rondo Viol Academy.  Elementary and Lower Intermediate, online.

27 MEMF. 11am Robert Hollingworth – SingTheScore Extra

28-31 Higham Hall Viol Consort Course with Elizabeth Dodd; CANCELLED

28-31 Higham Hall Recorder Consort Course with Philip Gruar; CANCELLED

29 8 pm, TVEMF Online – Patrick Craig, Stabat Mater.  https://www.tvemf.org/ 

30 Cambridge Handel Opera 6.30. Julian Perkins and Dionysius Kyropoulos.  Speaking in tones (recitative) https://cambridgehandel.org.uk/events/ 

31 Early Music @ Newcastle. 11.00am.  Magdalena Loth-Hill (Baroque violin), John Green (harpsichord): Daniel Purcell: Sonata in F minor; Arcangelo Corelli: Sonata in A major, Op.5, No.9 with ornamentation by Festing; Michael Christian Festing: Sonata in E minor, Op 4, No 8; G F Handel: Sonata in D major, HWV 371   www.ncl.ac.uk/events/live-music


1 Early Music @ Newcastle. 13.15.  Newcastle upon Tyne Bach Choir, Eric Cross (conductor).  J S Bach: Lobet den Herrn, BWV 230 and works by Victoria, Hassler, Handl, Dering, Mendelssohn & MacMillan.  www.ncl.ac.uk/events/live-music

7-12 Chalemie School at Easter presumed CANCELLED. 

9-15 Easter Early Music Course, Monmouth. https://easterearlymusiccourse.org.uk/ 

13 SEMF 7.30pm.  Laurie Stras: Dare to declare who you are – Convent music of the medieval and Renaissance periods

16 NEEMF.  Sources of medieval music from the north-east of England, Zoom talk by Lisa Colton, 3pm.

17 MEMF 11am.  Elam Rotem: Salamone Rossi

18 Benslow.  3-5pm online; Josquin at 500: A Remarkable Tribute Motet with Andrew Griffiths.

18-22 Benslow.  The Benslow Baroque Project: Music for St Cecilia by Handel and Draghi, with Oliver-John Ruthven, Bryan White, Judy Tarling, Henrik Persson CANCELLED.

22 BMEMF 7.30 pm.  Rory McCleery Compare and Contrast:  Guerrero’s Ave Virgo Sanctissima, other settings of the motet, and movements from Juan Esquivel’s mass of the same name.

23-25 Rondo Viol Academy.  Advanced, CANCELLED

24 Rondo Viol Academy.  Intermediate and Upper Intermediate, online.

26 TVEMF.  8pm. Andrew Griffiths; Venetian music for the feast of the Ascension.

27 Cambridge Handel Opera preparing for Tamerlano 6.30. Julian Perkins and Dionysios Kyropoulos.  Production dynamics  https://cambridgehandel.org.uk/events/ 

29 Benslow.  14.00-15.30 online; Jenkins Unravelled (especially for viols) with Alison Crum.


2-4 West Dean.  Viol consort music with Alison Crum; Intermediate/Advanced.

3-6 Benslow.  Gregorian Chant: The Joys of Singing, with John Rowlands-Pritchard CANCELLED

5 Early Music @ Newcastle. 4.00pm; Prof. Kate van Orden: Songs in Unexpected Places: Language and Mobility in Sixteenth-Century Europe.  www.ncl.ac.uk/events/live-music

6-9 Recorders at Rydal, Upper Intermediate and Advanced with Mary Tyers.  Rydal Hall, Ambleside, Cumbria, LA22 9LX, https://rydalhall.org or tel: 015394 32050. More details: www.marytyers.co.uk

7-9 Bristol Early Music Festival; All Saints, Pembroke Road, Bristol, BS8 3ED; POSTPONED to 2022 but some events online.  http://bristolearlymusicfestival.uk/ 

8 NEEMF 10.30am-12noon, Playing Josquin – an illustrated talk with singing/playing opportunities by Zoom with Jacob Heringman

9-14 Lacock. Ambleside Music Week: music by Juan Esquivel including the eight-part Missa Ut re mi fa so la, with Eamonn Dougan.

9-16 Run by Singers.  Ascension in Avila with David Allinson.

10-13 Benslow. Harpsichord Workshop with Claire Williams CANCELLED.

14-16 Benslow.  Voices and Viols with Alison Crum, Peter Syrus CANCELLED.

14-16 Ninth Festival of the International Guild of Town Pipers; various locations in Worcester, UK.  http://www.townwaits.org.uk/fest2021.shtml 

18 TVEMF Patrick Craig; Melodramatic Motets exploring the artistic inspirations behind the vivid music of Giaches de Wert.

21-23 Benslow.  Introduction to the Recorder Orchestra with Caroline Jones, Alyson Lewin.

24-27 Benslow.  Schütz’s Psalms of David with music by Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli; with David Ireson, Jeremy West, Rogers Covey-Crump. 

31 – 3 June.  Benslow.  Baroque Voice: Aria, Cantata and Song with Nicholas Clapton, Gavin Roberts

31 – 3 June.  Benslow.  Baroque Orchestra: Purcell, Arne and Boyce with Theresa Caudle, Mark Caudle, Oliver-John Ruthven


5 MEMF  All day workshop with Patrick Craig in Loughborough (virtual if necessary)

13-20 Run by Singers.  Voyage to Odessa with Nigel Perrin.

18-20 Benslow.  Fugues for Fun with Penelope Cave.


3-9 Lacock; Music at Monteconero; early Latin American music, including Lamentations by Padilla and Manuel de Sumaya and Padilla’s Circumdederunt me and Versa est in luctum, in a former mediaeval monastery on the Adriatic, directed by Gabriel Crouch.

5-7 Benslow.  Baroque Trio Sonatas with Da Camera: Emma Murphy, Susanna Pell, Mie Hayashi

11-16 Benslow.  The International Viol Summer School with Alison Crum, Roy Marks, Peter Wendland, Alison Kinder

11-16 Lacock; Singing in Edinburgh, with Rory McCleery.  Renaissance music including the 19-part O bone Jesu and Missa Dum sacrum mysterium of Robert Carver and music by Peebles, Josquin and Jachet of Mantua 

16-18 West Dean.  Recorder playing – building technique and ensemble skills, with Helen Hooker; Intermediate.

25 – 1 Aug.  Cambridge Early Music Baroque Week at Benslow: Baroque Dresden with The Parley of Instruments, Director: Peter Holman

31 – 7 Aug.  Recorder Summer School, Bishop Burton.  http://recordersummerschool.org.uk

31 – 7 Aug.  NORVIS; celebrate 50 years of NORVIS in our new, more accessible and comfortable home in Barnard Castle, County Durham. We welcome players of recorders, viols, lutes, baroque strings, harpsichord and voices.


1-7 Beauchamp Early Music Course for singers and Renaissance instruments, Rendscomb near Cirencester.  O quam gloriosum – large & small-scale music associated with saints and sainthood (David Hatcher, David Allinson & Sue Addison)  

1-8 Cambridge Early Music Renaissance Week at Benslow: The Triumphs of Maximilian with Courtiers of Grace, Co-directors Clare Wilkinson, Gawain Glenton.

14-21 Irish Recorder and Viol Course in Termonfeckin near Drogheda, north of Dublin 

15-22 Baroque Week.  The Grand Tour: Italy; Caversham.  (Theresa Caudle, Ann Allen, Amanda Babington, Clare Beesley, Zoë Cartlidge, Steven Devine, Satoko Doi-Luck, Jane Francis, David Miller, Kate Semmens) 

16-19 Benslow.  Baroque Buffet: Baroque on Modern Instruments with Julia Bishop, Sophie Middleditch, Julian Perkins

16-20 Historically Informed Summer School, Bishop Burton College, near Beverley, East Yorkshire. https://neemfworks.org.uk/neemfevents/admin/pages/all-events/hiss-2021 


3-5 Jackdaws.  Stylish Baroque with Theresa Caudle and Alastair Ross.

5-10 Lacock.  Trogir Music Week; Renaissance choral music in an ancient Venetian port on the Croatian coast near Split, with Patrick Craig.

10-12 Jackdaws.  The City Musick with William Lyons and Richard Thomas.

13-16 Benslow.  Consorting Viols with Alison Crum, Roy Marks, Peter Wendland

17-19 Medieval Music in the Dales at Bolton Castle.

19-25 Lacock.  Lucca Consort Week, work in small ensembles and as a double choir singing Frescobaldi’s Missa sopra l’aria della monica; with Robert Hollingworth

20-25 Benslow.  The Grandeur of St Mark’s: Venetian Sacred Music by Cavalli from his “Musiche Sacre” of 1656 with Theresa Caudle, William Carslake

22-26 Recorders at Rydal, Foundation and Lower Intermediate with Mary Tyers.  Rydal Hall, Ambleside, Cumbria, LA22 9LX, https://rydalhall.org or tel: 015394 32050. More details: www.marytyers.co.uk


7-10 Recorders at Rydal, Upper Intermediate and Advanced with Mary Tyers.  Rydal Hall, Ambleside, Cumbria, LA22 9LX, https://rydalhall.org or tel: 015394 32050. More details: www.marytyers.co.uk


28 – 2 Jan Lacock.  Winter School; to be confirmed

January 2022

15 BMEMF.  At Burton Court with Paul Spicer, for voices, recorders, bowed strings, A=440.

March 2022

20-25 Lacock.  Corsham Lamentations; Lenten music by Tallis, White, Parsley and Clemens with Rory McCleery

Contacts for workshops 

Accord.  www.moulindecajarc.com.

Baroque Dance Workshop.  Lis Talbott 01587 829072, edavies@edavies.co.uk

Baroque Week. Queen Anne’s School, Caversham, Berks. 01747 830625, info@baroque-week.org.uk, http://www.baroque-week.org.uk

Benslow Music Trust, Little Benslow Hills, Ibberson Way, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG4 9RB. 01462 459446, info@benslow.org, www.benslow.org

Beauchamp Early Music Course, c/o Gloucester Academy of Music, Barbican House, Gloucester, GL1 2JF. 01452 688592, earlymusic@glosacadmusic.co.uk, www.glosacadmusic.co.uk

BMEMF, Sue Russell, 01568 780559, peterandsuerussell@btinternet.com, www.bmemf.org.uk

BREMF Brighton Early Music Festival,  www.bremf.org.uk  

Cambridge Early Music, https://www.CambridgeEarlyMusic.org

Cambridge Woodwind Makers.  www.cambridgewoodwindmakers.org 

Canford Summer School of Music, Sherborne School, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 3AP. 020 8660 4766, canfordsummersch@aol.com, www.canfordsummerschool.co.uk

Chalemie, Headington School, Headington Road, Oxford, OX3. www.chalemie.co.uk

Consort de Danse.  http://www.ukbaroquedance.com  Philippa Waite, 07976 374482.

Dartington International Summer School. 01803 847080, info@dartingtonsummerschool.org.uk, www.dartingtonsummerschool.org.uk

Dillington House, Ilminster, Somerset, TA19 9DT 01460 258615 dillington@somerset.gov.uk www.dillington.com

Discoed Upper House, Discoed, nr Presteigne, LD8 2NW. 01547 560369, DiscoedEarlyMusic@BTConnect.com, info@EarlyMusicInTheMarches.com  

Dolmetsch Summer School, Frensham Heights nr. Farnham, 01428 643235, brian@dolmetsch.com, www.dolmetsch.com

Dorset Bach Cantata Club, Sturminster Newton High School, Bath road, Sturminster Newton, Dorset, DT10 1DT.  http://www.dorsetbach.org.uk/, 01933 425 383.

Easter Early Music Course for recorder & viol players. St George’s School, Wells Lane, Ascot, SL5 7DZ. info@easterearlymusiccourse.org.uk, easterearlymusiccourse.org.uk

EEMF, committee@eemf.org.uk, http://www.eemf.org.uk

EMFScotland, events@emfscotland.org.uk, www.emfscotland.org.uk

Farncombe Estate, Adult Learning Centre, Broadway, WR12 7LJ. 01386 854100, enquiries@FarncombeEstate.co.uk, www.farncombecourses.co.uk

Fiori Musicali, 01327 360931, www.fiori-musicali.com

Halsway Manor, Halsway Lane, Crowcombe, Somerset, TA4 4BD 01984 618274 office@halswaymanor.org.uk , www.halswaymanor.org.uk

Hawkwood College, Painswick Old Road, Stroud, GL6 7QW. 01453 759034, info@hawkwoodcollege.co.uk, www.hawkwoodcollege.co.uk

Higham Hall College, Bassenthwaite Lake, Cockermouth, Cumbria, CA13 9SH Early Music Summer Course. Details from 017687 76276, info@highamhall.com, www.highamhall.com

HISS (Historically Informed Summer School),  http://www.hiss.org.uk

Historical Dance and Music Summer School; http://historicaldance.org.uk/summerschool/ 

IoM, Ballacottier School, Douglas, Isle of Man. 01624 695777, Helen.Kneale@liverpool.ac.uk, www.eileensilcocks.co.uk

Irish Recorder & Viol Course. Termonfechin, Ireland. 00 353 85 288 0389, info@irishrecorderandviolcourse.org, www.irishrecorderandviolcourse.org

Jackdaws Music Education Trust, Great Elm, Frome, Somerset BA11 3NY. 01373 812 383, music@jackdaws.org, www.jackdaws.org.uk

The Kingcombe Centre, Toller Porcorum, Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 0BQ, 01300 320684, kingcombe@hotmail.co.uk, www.kingcombe.org

Knuston Hall, Irchester, Wellingborough, Northants, NN29 7EU. 01933 312104, enquiries@knustonhall.org.uk, www.knustonhall.org.uk

Lacock, Andrew van der Beek, 01249 730468, avdb@cantax.freeserve.co.uk, www.lacock.org

Leicester Early Music Festival. 0116 270 9984, mail@earlymusicleicester.co.uk, www.earlymusicleicester.co.uk

Lute Society, Christopher Goodwin, 01483 202159, lutesoc@aol.com, www.lutesoc.co.uk

Lyme Recorder Courses.  www.recordercourseslyme.com 

Lythe, www.lythechambermusic.wordpress.com 

Maison Verte Music, http://www.lamaisonverte.co.uk/courses/ 

Medieval Music in the Dales, www.medievalmusicinthedales.co.uk 

Meeting Musicale des Monts Dore, http://www.meeting-musical-des-monts-dore.fr/ 

MEMF, Mike Ashley (MEMF Chair), chairman@memf.org.uk, www.memf.org.uk

Mostly Music, Roger Wilkes, 01565 872650, mostlymusic@btinternet.com, www.mostlymusic.co.uk

Musica Donum Dei, Wendy Hancock, wendy@philidors.co.uk, http://www.musicadonumdei.org

NCEM, National Centre for Early Music, St Margaret’s Church, Walmgate, Percy’s Lane, York, YO1 9TI. 01904 632220, boxoffice@ncem.co.uk, http://www.ncem.co.uk

NEEMF, secretary@neemf.org.uk, www.neemf.org.uk

NEMA, jane.beeson@btopenworld.com, www.nema-uk.org

NORVIS, Northumbrian Recorder & Viol Summer School, Durham, 07736 108771, enquiries@norvis.org.uk, www.norvis.org.uk

NWEMF viol weekend, https://nwemf.org/violweekend/ 

Opus Anglicanum, 01749 675131, info@opus-a.co.uk, www.opus-anglicanum.com

Orpheon Foundation,  orpheon@gmx.at

Osiris.   http://osirisbrass.com/summer%20academy/index.html 

Oxford Baroque Week. Headington School, Oxford. 0161 281 2502, p.b.collier@googlemail.com, www.baroque-week.org.uk

Platinum Consort.  https://www.platinumconsort.com/ 

Pro Cantione Antiqua, 01943 874649

Recorder Courses Lyme.  enquiries@recordercourseslyme.com 

Recorders For All wwwrecordersforall.org.uk

Recorders Scotland, Lynne Hope at Recorder Players, 19 West Burnside, Dollar, FK14 7DP, Scotland, UK

Recorder Summer School,  http://recordersummerschool.org.uk/ 

Roger Wilkes, 01565 872650, mostlymusic@btinternet.com

Rondo Viol Academy. 07949 511619, http://www.rondoviolacademy.co.uk

Run by Singers.  www.runbysingers.org  01438 840555.

Salts Mill, Saltaire,  01274 288100, sales@earlymusicshop.com, www.earlymusicshop.com

Schola Gregoriana of Cambridge, 01223 263063, scholacambridge@aol.com, www.scholagregoriana.org

Scottish Recorder Course.  https://scottishrecordercourse.wordpress.com/ 

SEMF, richard.j.whitehouse@btinternet.com, http://www.semf.org.uk

Sherborne Early Music. Sherborne Girls School, Bradford Rd, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 3QN, info@sherborneearlymusic.com, http://www.sherborneearlymusic.com

Singers of Note, 01204 692797, martin.westhorp@ntlworld.com, www.singersofnote.com

Singing Days, 01943 874649, pca@singingdays.co.uk, www.singingdays.co.uk

Society of Recorder Players, Manchester branch normally meets 1st Friday & 2nd Saturday of every month. Ros Flinn, 01772 335801, manchester@srp.org.uk, www.srp.org.uk/manchester/index.php

SWEMF, secretary@swemf.org.uk, http://www.swemf.org.uk 

Tallis Scholars Summer School, Oakham School, Rutland, 01223 693281, helen.poole@tsss.uk.com, www.tsss.uk.com

Tewkesbury Viol workshop: Jill Davies 01684 850112 oldchapelcourt@btinternet.com

The Sixteen, https://thesixteen.com/events 

Triora Musica, Deborah Roberts, 01273 823788, deborah@musica-secreta.com, www.trioramusica.com

TVEMF, www.tvemf.org, secretary@tvemf.org, tamesis@tvemf.org 

VdGS (Viola de Gamba Society), 01904 706959, admin@vdgs.org.co.uk, www.vdgs.org.uk

West Dean College, Chichester, PO18 0QZ, 01243 811301, short.courses@westdean.org.uk, www.westdean.org.uk