Other events


NWEMF Workshops


22/06   The Gabrielis in Venice; for singers & instrumentalists (jointly with Cumbria Festival Chorus) Tutor: Gawain Glenton; Carver United Reform Church, Windermere.

14/09   Tutor: John Bryan.  Praise the Lord! For voices and instruments, Didsbury Baptist Church.

12/10   14th century secular music for voices & instruments; Tutor: Lizzie Gutteridge.

16/11   Byrd, for voices; All Saints Hoole. Tutor: Sally Dunkley.


15/02   Zielenski, for voices, brass, winds, continuo.  Tutor: Graham O’Reilly.

21/03   For recorders.  Tutor: Marion Scott

18/04   For voices and instruments.  Tutor: Roger Wilkes.


Non-NWEMF Workshops.

Please send information to: jmh@noc.ac.uk . I actively research our own & the workshops of our contiguous EMFs (BMEMF, EMFScotland, MEMF, NEEMF), Benslow, Jackdaws, Lacock, Rondo & West Dean.  Summer Schools & other workshops will only be included in the Contacts section, unless I am sent specific information by members or the organisers.


2-9      Run by Singers.  Spanish Polyphony, Toledo.

8          NEEMF.  Lassus Missa Osculetur Me with John Dunford, for voices and instruments (A=440).  Clements Hall, York YO23 1BP or YO23 1BSl

9-13    Cambridge Woodwind Makers.  Recorder Making with Tim Cranmore.

10-13 Benslow.  Baroque Orchestra: Bach, Telemann and Fasch, with Theresa Caudle, Mark Caudle, Oliver-John Ruthven

15        MEMF.  “Wot no bars”: Jean Richafort: Missa pro Defunctis, with David Hatcher; Dorridge Village Hall.

16        NEEMF.  Playing day. NEEMF members and friends play for the public at Burton Constable Hall (Elizabethan mansion), Skirlaugh, East Yorkshire, HU11 4LN.

16-22  Lacock.  Music at Monteconero.  Josquin, Rore, Isaac, Pizzetti and Jackson in a former mediaeval monastery on the Adriatic, with Joanna Tomlinson.

16-23  Run by Singers.  Unaccompanied Renaissance for advanced singers with David Skinner, Regensberg.

21-23  Knuston HallItaly in 8: a Renaissance music tour with Peter Syrus.

24-28  Cambridge Woodwind Makers.  Long Trumpet Making

29        BMEMF.  Workshop for singers and instrumentalists (A=440) with David Hatcher.  And AGM.  Stockenny, New Radnor.



2-7      Cambridge Woodwind Makers.  Baroque Oboe Making

6          The Sixteen Choral Workshop, 1 – 4pm, Manchester Bridgewater Hall; led by Robert Evans and Sally Dunkley.

6          EMFS choir, St Michael and All Saints Church 28 Brougham Street, Tollcross, Edinburgh, EH3 9JH

6-14    Run by Singers.  A Bach Pilgramage in Thuringia and Saxony with Jeremy Jackman.

8-10    Benslow.  Baroque Trio Sonatas with Da Camera: Emma Murphy, Susanna Pell, Steven Devine

12-14  West Dean.  Recorder playing – building technique and ensemble skills (Intermediate), with Helen Hooker.

13        MEMFThe delights of summer, for voices and instruments (A=440), with Alison Kinder, St. George’s church, St. John’s Avenue, Hillmorton, Rugby CV22 5HR.

13        The Sixteen Choral Workshop, 1pm, Carlisle Tithe Barn; led by Libby Crabtree and Sally Dunkley.

14-19  Benslow.  The International Viol Summer School, with Alison Crum, Ibi Aziz, Roy Marks, Peter Wendland

14-19  Lacock.  Ludlow Summer School; the 40-part motet Spem in alium by Thomas Tallis with Gabriel Crouch.

14-20  Consort-singing summer school at a Brittany farmhouse.  Focus on singing 2 per part, with Patrick Allies and members of Siglo de Oro.  www.siglodeoro.co.uk or patrick@siglodeoro.co.uk

20        NEEMF.  Playing Medievally for singers and instrumentalists with Ian Pittaway.  Friends Meeting House, Skinnergate, Darlington, DL2 7NB.

20        BMEMF.  John Sheppard and contemporaries – English music from the sixteenth century, with Gabriel Crouch.  Leintwardine Village Hall, SY7 0LB.

27 – 3 Aug.  NORVIS XLIX – early music summer school with Andrew Fowler.  College of St Hild and St Bede, Durham. https://norvis.org.uk/

27 – 3 Aug.  Recorder Summer School, Bishop Burton College near Beverley.  http://recordersummerschool.org.uk

28-4 Aug. Run by Singers.  Ghent Early Music Week with David Allinson.

28-4 Aug.  Cambridge Early Music residential study week; Paris versus Versailles; Charpentier and his court rivals. With Peter Holman and tutors who are leaders in their fields.https://www.cambridgeearlymusic.org/summer-schools.html



4-10    Beauchamp early music course, Gloria in Excelsis Deo.  Directed by Philip Thorby; tutors David Hatcher, Theresa Caudle, Adrian France, Richard Thomas. Including 24-part setting by Annibale Padovano, 40-part setting by Alessandro Striggio.

4-10    Higham Hall 6th annual early music summer school. Roger Wilkes (Head Tutor, Vocal), Deborah Catterall (Vocal), Elizabeth Dodd (Viol, Renaissance Dance), Philip Gruar (Recorder), Hugh Cherry (Lute). For competent singers, viol and recorder players, covering music c1450-c1650.  http://highamhall.com/

4-11     Cambridge Early Music residential study week; Les Cris de Paris; the sounds of Court and City in 16th century Paris.  With Gawain Glenton and tutors who are leaders in their fields. https://www.cambridgeearlymusic.org/summer-schools.html

4-11     The Historical Dance Society’s 51st Annual Dance and Music Summer School, Stonyhurst College, Clitheroe. Theatre, Ball, Country Dances of 18th Century. Tutors: Riccardo Barros, Anne Daye, Kath Waters, Ibi Aziz. http://historicaldance.org.uk

4-11     Run by Singers.  Assisi Summer School: Pizzetti Requiem etc. with Nigel Perrin.

11-18   Baroque Week The Leipzig Legacy: JS Bach cantatas and works by Rosenmüller, Fasch, with Teresa Caudle, Steven Devine. Queen Anne’s School, Caversham, Berks.

11-25   Cambridge Woodwind Makers.  Classical clarinet making.

12-15  Benslow.  Baroque Buffet: Baroque on Modern Instruments with Julia Bishop, Sophie Middleditch, Julian Perkins.  Upper Intermediate / Advanced.

12-15  Benslow.  Madrigal and Partsong Summer School with James Oldfield, Stephen Meakins.  Upper Intermediate / Advanced.

12-16  Historically Informed Summer School (HISS), Bishop Burton College near Beverley.  http://www.hiss.org.uk/

16-18  Hawkwood.  Bach B minor mass for singers with Gavin Carr.

16-26  Consort de Danse Baroque Summer School Choreographing in Style.  Three 3-day optional modules for dancers at all levels.  www.ukbaroquedance.com or 07976 374482.

18-23 Run by Singers.  English Summer School with Nigel Perrin and Jeremy Jackman, Lincoln.

18-25  Irish Recorder and Viol Course, An Grianán, Termonfechin, Ireland.  For players of recorders, viols and other early instruments, repertoire ancient to modern. Tutors: Ibi Aziz, Marion Doherty-Hayden, Pamela Flanagan, Emma Murphy, Philip Thorby.  info@irishrecorderandviolcourse.org, https://www.irishrecorderandviolcourse.org, Tel. 00 353 87 175 6434

21        NEEMF. Four-part Lute Songs, with Jacob Heringman; Shadwell, Leeds.

21-26  Western Norway festival of Early Sacred Music, Sogn; for experienced small-ensemble singers.  Music by Attwood, Smith, Byrd, Gibbons, Tallis, Lotti (Requiem), Pitoni, Weelkes. Contact James Reed, JNMR84094@gmail.com

23-25  Benslow.  “Amongst mouvements and retakes”: Exploring Music and Dance in the 17th and 18th centuries, with Ricardo Barros, Nicolette Moonen.  Advanced.

23-26  Hawkwood. Hildegard von Bingen for singers with Emma Kirkby, Caitlin Matthews.

26-30  Cambridge Woodwind Makers.  Cornetto making.

29-31 Run by Singers.  Hereford Cathedral weekend with Peter North.



5, 6-8  Medieval Music in the Dales.  Bolton Castle, N. Yorkshire.

6-8      Cambridge Choral Liturgy Course, St. Catherine’s College, with David Allinson.  ian.et.thompson@gmail.com

6-8      Jackdaws.  Stylish Baroque (Advanced) with Theresa Caudle and Alastair Ross

8-13    Lacock.  Jimena de la Frontera music week; psalm settings by Byrd, Padilla, Mundy, Morales, Gibbons, Guerrero and Victoria; directed by Patrick Craig.

9-15    Run by Singers.  Tallis, Byrd etc. with David Skinner, Barcelona.

13-15  Benslow.  RecorderFest with Alyson Lewin, Jean McCreery, Caroline Jones.

13-15  Polyphony for mixed voice choirs: music composed by and for the Nuns of Ferrara from the 14th to 16th centuries, with Deborah Roberts and Laurie Stras.  https://www.cambridgeearlymusic.org

14        MEMF.  Baroque music for strings (A=415) with Julia Bishop, Knowle Village Hall, St. John’s Close, Knowle, Solihull, B93 0NN.

14        EMFS choir, Edinburgh

15-19  Cambridge Woodwind Makers.  Recorder Making with Jacqueline Sorel.

16-19  Benslow.  English Lute Songs Old and New with Clare Wilkinson, Michael Solomon Williams, Jacob Heringman.  Upper Intermediate / Advanced.

20-22   Recorders course (Foundation & Lower Intermediate, grades 3-5) at Rydal Hall, Ambleside, Cumbria. Tutor: Mary Tyers. www.marytyers.co.uk

20-22   West Dean.  A brief history of Western music – music appreciation; Roy Stratford.

21        NEEMF.  Four-part Lute Songs with Jacob Heringman, Shadwell, Leeds.  Exploring 4-part songs of Dowland and Campion; organised by Gill Knowles.  For singers (SATB), viols (treble, tenor, tenor/bass, bass) and lutes.  Primarily Dowland’s First Book of Songes or Ayres and Campion’s Two Bookes of Ayres.  A=415.

21        BMEMF.  Fresh Devices: Schütz in Venice, with Stephen Marshall. For singers, drawing room of Clytha House, Clytha Park, near Abergavenny.

23-26   Benslow.  Rediscovering Rosenmüller with William Carslake, Theresa Caudle.  A=415, Advanced.

27-29   Rondo Viol Academy.  Intermediate and Upper Intermediate (theme: divisions).  The Beeches.

28-29   Johann Caspar Kerll’s settings of the Mass, with David Hatcher, David Allinson.  For singers & players (strings, loud winds, A=440) – good sight-readers.  Discoed Upper House / St. Michael’s Church, LD8 2NW. info@EarlyMusicInTheMarches.com



2-6       Run by Singers.  The Glory of Venice with Colin Durrant.

5-6      Cambridge Woodwind Makers.  Baroque and modern oboe reed making with Adam Shapiro.

6-13     Run by Singers.  Puglia week with David Ogden.

7-10     Benslow.  Recorder Revival with Oonagh Lee.  Intermediate/Advanced.

11-13   EEMF.  Biber: Missa Salisburgensis a53 weekend, with Patrick Craig. St John the Baptist parish church, Thaxted.  http://www.eemf.org.uk

12        BMEMF.  Lis Talbott Memorial Workshop for instrumentalists and dancers, with Alison Kinder, Anne Deller, Kath Waters.  The Dance Centre, Llandrindod Wells.

12        EMFS choir, Edinburgh

12-17   Cambridge Woodwind Makers.  Baroque oboe making.

13-18   Lacock. Singing in Rome; choral music by Victoria and others in a church near The Spanish Steps; directed by Justin Doyle.

18-20   BenslowHarmoniemusik with Boxwood and brass, with Emily Worthington, Robert Percival, Martin Lawrence.

19        MEMF.  For voices, Emmanuel Church, Forest Road, Loughborough LE11 3NW.

19        NEEMFPolyhymnia Caduceatrix et Panegyrica; large scale motets in Praetorius’ 1619 collection, for voices and instruments with David Hatcher. Clements Hall, York.

19-20   EMFS Instrumental weekend with Tom Beets and Joris van Goethem.

28-31   Benslow.  The Seventeenth-Century String Band with Judy Tarling and friends.  Upper Intermediate / Advanced



1-3       Rondo Viol Academy.  Elementary and Lower Intermediate; also Pre-formed Consorts, the Beeches.

9          EMFS choir, Edinburgh

11-14   Benslow.  Harpsichord Accompaniment: Figuring it Out, with Robin Bigwood.  Upper Intermediate / Advanced

11-15   Cambridge Woodwind Makers.  Recorder Making with Tim Cranmore.

15-17   Benslow.  The Enchantress of Seville with Joglaresa.  Tutors: Belinda Sykes and friends.  A=440.

17        NEEMFThe Noodle Factory workshop on ornamentation for singers and instrumentalists: the art of improvisation, ornamentation and decoration as in 16th- and 17th-century, with Paula Chateauneuf.  Priory Street Centre, York.

21/22-24  Benslow.  Consorting Viols (3/2-night options) with Alison Crum, Roy Marks, Ibi Aziz, Peter Wendland.

23        MEMF.  Workshop for voices with Robert Hollingworth.

29 – 1 Dec.      Recorders course (Upper Intermediate & Advanced, grades 5-8) at Rydal Hall, Ambleside, Cumbria. Tutor: Mary Tyers. www.marytyers.co.uk



14        MEMF.  Christmas Workshop, for voices and instruments (A=440) with David Hatcher.

14        NEEMFSchütz: The father of the orchestra; polychoral motets and the Christmas story, with David Stancliffe; St Brandon’s Church, Brancepeth nr Durham DH7 8DF.

28 – 2 Jan. 2020  Lacock.  Corsham Winter School, Cotswolds, with Will Dawes.


January 2020

27-31   Cambridge Woodwind Makers.  Recorder Making with Tim Cranmore.


February 2020

16-22   Lacock.   Singing in Castara, a small fishing village in Tobago, with Justin Doyle.

23-28   Cambridge Woodwind Makers.  Recorder Making with Jacqueline Sorel.

28 – 1 Mar  Rondo Viol Academy.  Elementary and Lower Intermediate; also Pre-formed Consorts, the Beeches.


March 2020

23-27   Cambridge Woodwind Makers.  Recorder Making with Tim Cranmore.

27-29   Rondo Viol Academy.  Advanced.  Hothorpe Hall



April 2020

24-26   Rondo Viol Academy.  Intermediate and Upper Intermediate, The Beeches


October 2020

2-4       Rondo Viol Academy.  Intermediate and Upper Intermediate.  Hothorpe Hall


November 2020

6-8      Rondo Viol Academy.  Elementary and Lower Intermediate; also Pre-formed Consorts, The Hayes


Contacts for workshops

Accord.  www.moulindecajarc.com.

Baroque Dance Workshop.  Lis Talbott 01587 829072, edavies@edavies.co.uk

Baroque Week. Queen Anne’s School, Caversham, Berks. 01747 830625, info@baroque-week.org.uk, http://www.baroque-week.org.uk

Benslow Music Trust, Little Benslow Hills, Ibberson Way, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG4 9RB. 01462 459446, info@benslow.org, www.benslow.org

Beauchamp Early Music Course, c/o Gloucester Academy of Music, Barbican House, Gloucester, GL1 2JF. 01452 688592, earlymusic@gamusic.co.uk, www.gamusic.co.uk

BMEMF, Sue Russell, 01568 780559, peterandsuerussell@btinternet.com, www.bmemf.org.uk

Brighton Early Music Festival, www.bremf.org.uk

Cambridge Early Music, https://www.cambridgeearlymusic.org/summer-schools.html

Cambridge Woodwind Makers.  www.cambridgewoodwindmakers.org

Canford Summer School of Music, Sherborne School, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 3AP. 020 8660 4766, canfordsummersch@aol.com, www.canfordsummerschool.co.uk

Chalemie Summer School, Headington School, Headington Road, Headington, Oxford, OX3. Barbara Segal 020 7700 4293, chalemie@thorn.demon.co.uk, www.chalemie.co.uk

Consort de Dansehttp://www.ukbaroquedance.com  Philippa Waite, 07976 374482.

Dartington International Summer School. 01803 847080, info@dartingtonsummerschool.org.uk, www.dartingtonsummerschool.org.uk

Dillington House, Ilminster, Somerset, TA19 9DT 01460 258615 dillington@somerset.gov.uk

Discoed Upper House, Discoed, nr Presteigne, LD8 2NW. 01547 560369, DiscoedEarlyMusic@BTConnect.com, info@EarlyMusicInTheMarches.com

Dolmetsch Summer School, Frensham Heights nr. Farnham, 01428 643235, brian@dolmetsch.com, www.dolmetsch.com

Dorset Bach Cantata Club, Sturminster Newton High School, Bath road, Sturminster Newton, Dorset, DT10 1DT.  http://www.dorsetbach.org.uk/, 01933 425 383.

Easter Early Music Course for recorder & viol players. St George’s School, Wells Lane, Ascot, SL5 7DZ. info@easterearlymusiccourse.org.uk, easterearlymusiccourse.org.uk

EEMF, committee@eemf.org.uk, http://www.eemf.org.uk

EMFScotland, events@emfscotland.org.uk, www.emfscotland.org.uk

Farncombe Estate, Adult Learning Centre, Broadway, WR12 7LJ. 01386 854100, enquiries@FarncombeEstate.co.uk, www.farncombecourses.co.uk

Fiori Musicali, 01327 360931, www.fiori-musicali.com

Halsway Manor, Halsway Lane, Crowcombe, Somerset, TA4 4BD 01984 618274 office@halswaymanor.org.uk , www.halswaymanor.org.uk

Hawkwood College, Painswick Old Road, Stroud, GL6 7QW. 01453 759034, info@hawkwoodcollege.co.uk, www.hawkwoodcollege.co.uk

Higham Hall College, Bassenthwaite Lake, Cockermouth, Cumbria, CA13 9SH Early Music Summer Course. Details from 017687 76276, info@highamhall.com, www.highamhall.com

HISS (Historically Informed Summer School),  www.hiss.org.uk

Historical Dance and Music Summer School; http://historicaldance.org.uk/summerschool/

IoM, Ballacottier School, Douglas, Isle of Man. 01624 695777, Helen.Kneale@liverpool.ac.uk, www.eileensilcocks.co.uk

Irish Recorder & Viol Course. Termonfechin, Ireland. 00 353 85 288 0389, info@irishrecorderandviolcourse.org, www.irishrecorderandviolcourse.org

Jackdaws Music Education Trust, Great Elm, Frome, Somerset BA11 3NY. 01373 812 383, music@jackdaws.org, www.jackdaws.org.uk

The Kingcombe Centre, Toller Porcorum, Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 0BQ, 01300 320684, kingcombe@hotmail.co.uk, www.kingcombe.org

Knuston Hall, Irchester, Wellingborough, Northants, NN29 7EU. 01933 312104, enquiries@knustonhall.org.uk, www.knustonhall.org.uk

Lacock, Andrew van der Beek, 01249 730468, avdb@cantax.freeserve.co.uk, www.lacock.org

Leicester Early Music Festival. 0116 270 9984, mail@earlymusicleicester.co.uk, www.earlymusicleicester.co.uk

Lute Society, Christopher Goodwin, 01483 202159, lutesoc@aol.com, www.lutesoc.co.uk

Lythe, www.lythechambermusic.wordpress.com

Maison Verte Music, http://www.lamaisonverte.co.uk/courses/

Medieval Music in the Dales, www.medievalmusicinthedales.co.uk

Meeting Musicale des Monts Dore, http://www.meeting-musical-des-monts-dore.fr/

MEMF, Mike Ashley (MEMF Chair), chairman@memf.org.uk, www.memf.org.uk

Mostly Music, Roger Wilkes, 01565 872650, mostlymusic@btinternet.com, www.mostlymusic.co.uk

Musica Donum Dei, Wendy Hancock, wendy@philidors.co.uk, http://www.musicadonumdei.org

NCEM, National Centre for Early Music, St Margaret’s Church, Walmgate, Percy’s Lane, York, YO1 9TI. 01904 632220, boxoffice@ncem.co.uk, http://www.ncem.co.uk

NEEMF, secretary@neemf.org.uk, www.neemf.org.uk

NEMA, jane.beeson@btopenworld.com, www.nema-uk.org

NORVIS, Northumbrian Recorder & Viol Summer School, Durham, 07736 108771, enquiries@norvis.org.uk, www.norvis.org.uk

NWEMF viol weekend, https://nwemf.org/violweekend/

Opus Anglicanum, 01749 675131, info@opus-a.co.uk, www.opus-anglicanum.com

Orpheon Foundationorpheon@gmx.at

Osiris.   http://osirisbrass.com/summer%20academy/index.html

Oxford Baroque Week. Headington School, Oxford. 0161 281 2502, p.b.collier@googlemail.com, www.baroque-week.org.uk

Pro Cantione Antiqua, 01943 874649

Recorder Courses Lymeenquiries@recordercourseslyme.com

Recorders For All wwwrecordersforall.org.uk

Recorders Scotland, Lynne Hope at Recorder Players, 19 West Burnside, Dollar, FK14 7DP, Scotland, UK

Recorder Summer Schoolhttp://recordersummerschool.org.uk/

Roger Wilkes, 01565 872650, mostlymusic@btinternet.com

Rondo Viol Academy. 07949 511619, http://www.rondoviolacademy.co.uk

Run by Singerswww.runbysingers.org  01438 840555.

Salts Mill, Saltaire,  01274 288100, sales@earlymusicshop.com, www.earlymusicshop.com

Schola Gregoriana of Cambridge, 01223 263063, scholacambridge@aol.com, www.scholagregoriana.org

Scottish Recorder Course.  https://scottishrecordercourse.wordpress.com/

SEMF, richard.j.whitehouse@btinternet.com, http://www.semf.org.uk

Sherborne Early Music. Sherborne Girls School, Bradford Rd, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 3QN, info@sherborneearlymusic.com, http://www.sherborneearlymusic.com

Singers of Note, 01204 692797, martin.westhorp@ntlworld.com, www.singersofnote.com

Singing Days, 01943 874649, pca@singingdays.co.uk, www.singingdays.co.uk

Society of Recorder Players, Manchester branch normally meets 1st Friday & 2nd Saturday of every month. Ros Flinn, 01772 335801, manchester@srp.org.uk, www.srp.org.uk/manchester/index.php

SWEMF, secretary@swemf.org.uk, http://www.swemf.org.uk

Tallis Scholars Summer School, Oakham School, Rutland, 01223 693281, helen.poole@tsss.uk.com, www.tsss.uk.com

Tewkesbury Viol workshop: Jill Davies 01684 850112 oldchapelcourt@btinternet.com

The Sixteen, https://thesixteen.com/events

Triora Musica, Deborah Roberts, 01273 823788, deborah@musica-secreta.com, www.trioramusica.com

TVEMF, www.tvemf.org, secretary@tvemf.org, tamesis@tvemf.org

VdGS (Viola de Gamba Society), 01904 706959, admin@vdgs.org.co.uk, www.vdgs.org.uk

West Dean College, Chichester, PO18 0QZ, 01243 811301, short.courses@westdean.org.uk, www.westdean.org.uk