NWEMF Workshops



24/11   Christmas/Advent theme for voices and instruments.  Venue Chester Tutor: Alison Kinder Details and application form are here.


16/02   Cardoso Requiem & other Portuguese composers – for singers Tutor: Rory JohnstonDetails and application form are here.

09/03/19 Morley Green Club (Roger W) 17th century German incl Hassler Tutor: Roger Wilkes

06/04/19   Church music of Costanzo Festa, for voices and instruments; Tutor: Peter Syrus

04/05/19 Palestrina Missa Confitebor Tibi, For female voices and instruments. With Deborah Roberts and Laurie Stras. Venue: Baptist Church Didsbury.

22/06/19 Windermere Carver Uniting Church (Jenny W, jointly with Cumbria Festival Chorus) The Gabrielis in Venice for singers & period instruments (A=440) Tutor: Gawain Glenton

14/09/19   Tutor: John Bryan.  For voices and instruments, Didsbury Baptist Church