NWEMF Workshops


28th November – 10am, David Allinson presentation and 2020 AGM via Zoom


6th February – Tutor: Andrew Griffiths

Several NWEMF Workshops that had been scheduled to run in 2020 have, in the light of COVID-19, of necessity been postponed.  For reference, these workshops were:

18/04   Usper et al. for voices and instruments. Tutor: Roger Wilkes.

09/05   H Praetorius/Schutz/Bianci for voices and instruments.  Tutor: Stephanie Muncey-Dyer.

20/06  15th century for voices.  Tutor: Peter Syrus.

19/09 Lassus. Tutor: Philip Thorby.

TBC The Royal recorder consort or The Venetians in London. Music for the recorder by members of the Bassano Family.  Tutor: Marion Scott.

We fully intend to run these workshops in 2021, guidelines permitting.  As soon as more concrete plans have been made, we will announce them on this page and via member email.