We would like a willing hand to help

Our secretary is a busy man and we would like a member of NWEMF to help out and share some of his load.

More specifically we are looking to someone to take on the role of listings editor for NWEMF. The listings of other events, concerts etc. are published in the news letter and on this web site. Information about the role is published here. If you are interested do contact John Huthnance our secretary at jmh@noc.ac.uk

A conference in Manchester of interest.


Comment: Hello there from the Association of British Choral Directors

I wonder if you might share with members our forthcoming choral conference in Manchester on 1st October? This includes sessions on period performance practice for voices, with guest presenters Professor Martin Ashley, William Hunt and Andrew Parrott, discussing the voice in the time of Gibbons and JS Bach. I hope those and indeed other sessions might be of interest to members. There is also a trade exhibition throughout the day. Further details are at the weblink above, or do contact me for further information.

A Concert in Liverpool on September the 22nd

Epitaph For a Green Lover
The Linarol Consort with soprano Héloïse Bernard tell the remarkable story of Marguerite of Austria, one of the 16th century’s greatest patrons of the arts, though music from her own manuscritps. 

Marguerite not only loved to dance and sing: above all she loved her green parrot.  

The programme’s title comes from the remarkable chanson ‘Soubz ce tumbel’, with its tragic text by Marguerite’s court poet, Jean Lemaire, taken from his ‘Epitaphe de l’Amant Vert’, in which the Green Lover refers to the beloved green parrot.

The programme comprises songs and instrumental music played by renaissance viols with a rebec, pipes and drums making an appearance too.

You will find all the details at the Linarol Consorts website. https://linarolconsort.com/concerts/


The next workshop we will be running is on the 17th September. Music from a Florentine Convent. The details are all on the NWEMF workshops page.

The new edition of the newsletter is now published on the members page.

An exciting discovery,

We have Laurie Stras leading a workshop based on a very exciting musical discovery. Our day With Professor Stras is on Saturday the 17th September. The application form etc. is on the workshops page

There is a fascinating article by Laurie in The Gramophone about the research that lead to the discoveries about the music. The to link to the article is here.

There is also a discussion with Laurie Stras available on youtube about the music which she gave before an online concert at the Bloomington Early Music Festival.

May updates

The recorder workshop with Marion Scott has been cancelled.

There is still time to apply for Peter Syrus’s workshop on the music of Obrecht. This is being held in the lovely church in Cilcain. Although dating from the 13th century the church has a fine early 16th century roof and also early 16th century glass in the East window including a weeping virgin.

There are details and forms for our study days with Laurie Stras and Roger Wilkes now available as well.