A Request from Robert Hollingworth

The Friends Organisation exists to allow the public further insight into I Fagiolini’s productions, to gain a deeper understanding of its repertoire and to read …


There are three crucial things about our Friends org.
1) You get newsy emails direct from me. This may be a turn-off… but if you like hearing from the bouche du cheval then it’s a good thing.
2) You get to come to rehearsals of our amazing projects.  Concerts, schmoncerts: it’s the rehearsal where it happens.  Two weeks ago, 15 lucky people sat in the middle of a small circle made up of the UK’s best Monteverdi singers and players while they rehearsed his Dixit Dominus.  Waves of beautifully-crafted sound in a seat that you’ll never get in a concert.  In March we meet to rehearse the Striggio 40-part mass before taking it to Florence. You can’t come to the concert but you could come to the rehearsal on Match 13th and sit in the middle while the five choirs (or players and singers) work around you: an experience you won’t forget.
3) People seem to like to be part of an organisation that actually makes things happen.  Recordings only happen because of the Friends – so we rely on them.  But we’re not hard sell and will never badger you individually.
Enough.  A bit more at the link above (our rates haven’t changed in 10 years). Any problem with the tech, please email our Friends Co-ordinator, Adele Reynolds (a keen amateur early musician, like you).
Thanks for considering this.  You could even give a Friendship as a Christmas present: I’ll even enclose a personally-written welcome to your friend, if you do (or not, as you like!)
That is all.

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