Wanted. Sailors, witches and sundry other characters.

On the 17th September we have a day workshop with John Hancorn on Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas.

We have a fine group of soloists.

Debbie Catterall – Dido
Tom Salmon – Aeneas
Katy Howarth – Belinda
Jenny Murphy – 2nd Woman

The details are on the workshops page.

When you apply do mention if you would like an opportunity to take one of the smaller solo roles.

Clemens was definitely not a pope.

We had a most successful and enjoyable day with Stephen Rice exploring a tiny part of the huge output of this fine Flemish composer. In the course of the day we learned that his name is not a reference to Pope Clemens but in all probability his nickname perhaps given by fellow musicians. He was notoriously amoral and a drunkard. Definitely not pope like.